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  • Auto Pilot The Band
  • Auto Pilot The Band


What the Press are saying:

"Autopilot is a name that should be ubiquitous among the underground/indie scene." - Jamie Funk, No More Division

"Autopilot is crafting a sound that's hook-laden, slickly arranged, ethereal, sparkling and doom laden." - Lenny Stoute, Cashbox Canada

"Drifting between alternative rock and dream-pop, Oceanside features lightly flowing guitar effects, dynamic percussion, and a feathery bass line." - Kane Wilkinson, Dusty Organ

"Autopilot brings a refreshing twist to the feel-good music we all crave..." - Lucy Out Loud

"There's a certain wistful romanticism associated with the most revered of all rock identities; the road warrior. Mix that ethos with a dream toned sound and you have Oceanside..." - Mike Mehalick, The Perfect Scene

"I loved [Desert Dreams] for its unique sound, the catchy lyrics and the story that it conveyed." - Lizzie Sharp, Canadian Beats

"[Autopilot] continue dishing out their full-bodied, atmospheric sound." - Kevin Bottaro, The Perfect Scene

"The group's sound is hard to pin down and rewards multiple spins." - Sean Trembath, Bridges (Saskatoon, SK)

"Autopilot's Desert Dreams is definitely the perfect musical backdrop to the desert that is the prairies of Saskatchewan; simple, organic, and enjoyable." - Jeremy Erickson, Bearded Gentlemen Music

"Overall, Diamond Rough is an album worth listening to. It provides the listener with an emotional journey." - Decostar, WQAQ 98.1 FM (Hamden, CT)

"This band gives a modern and personal twist to rock music of the 90's as their sound is heavy with drums and guitar all under the gruff, unpolished-yet passionate croons from the lead singer." - Erinn Fung, KAMP Student Radio (Tucson, AZ)

"There is good recording quality on this album, and all of the members of the band achieve cohesive sound, making this a great listen for the person looking for rebellious gratification." - Eva Cantillo, The Equal Ground

"In the space where power pop meets shoegaze-style guitar layers, Autopilot has crafted an album that's both brilliantly hook-laden and atmospherically dark. Dreamlike vocals dance lightly overtop of pummeling rhythms, while layers of noise and delay trail off intermittently." - Chris Morin, Planet S (Saskatoon, SK)

"The band may have been gone for a while, but it is already back 100 per cent." - Stephanie McKay, The StarPhoenix (Saskatoon, SK)

"[Diamond Rough] offers a rich palette of spunky guitar riffs, punchy power chords, and spacey effects." - Alex MacPherson, Verb (Saskatoon, SK)

"This could be the next big thing." - 94.9 The Rock (Toronto, ON)

"[Autopilot] manage to craft some solid, guitar driven songs that have mass appeal, but without falling into the trap of clichéd writing and shitty, overly glossy production." - Craig Silliphant, Planet S Blog (Saskatoon, SK)

"The songs have a strong feeling of 90s alternative bands such as Sonic Youth, with a melancholy undertone and lyrics looking at loss, illness and travel on the road - all complimented by a cohesive sound that's easy to listen to." - Katlynn Balderstone, The Sheaf (Saskatoon, SK)

"Because we're suckers for any long-haired musician who looks like Jesus and/or any band that shares the same name as one of the most epic Queens of the Stone Age songs known to mankind, so us becoming a fan of this Saskatoon-based band was pretty much a given." - Rex Manning Day Music Blog

"Diamond Rough showcases a sound that is familiar and comforting but with a twist that is all their own to create a well-rounded alternative rock sound." - Jessica Romera, The Concordian (Montreal, QC)

"Diamond Rough is a gem for anyone dedicated to the Canadian indie-rock scene." - Jonathan Webster, The Ontarion (Guelph, ON)

"There is a sort of drowned sense of longing about "Last Play" that feels like life on the road across rural Canada, coupled with a vocal sourness that recalls Jane's Addiction's Perry Farrell." - Juliette Jagger, Alan Cross (Toronto, ON)

"Recalling various power-pop trio influences, Autopilot have developed their own unique sound within Saskatoon that defies being pinned down to one genre." - Chris Morin, Ominocity (Saskatoon, SK)

"... features a nearly flawless mix of tight and catchy music, great lyrics and strong vocals...will sell anybody on the abilities of Autopilot." - Phil Dukarsky, The Revue (Ottawa, ON)